Beijing Municipal Administrative Center Saw 188 Newly Added Investment Projects in "Two Zones" in Q1

In the first quarter of this year, the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center saw 188 newly added investment projects in "Two Zones", implementing 172 of these projects, which placed it third in the city.

The BMC has developed several exemplary innovations in supporting enterprise growth. The "Cross-regional Collaboration and Innovation Experience for Government Service" has been successfully listed in the fifth batch of "Best Practice Projects" of the Free Trade Port of the Ministry of Commerce. Up to now, four projects of the BMC have been selected as national-level projects, including "New Way of Proving Residence in New Buildings", and six selected as municipal-level excellent projects, including "Total Factor Linkage Guarantee Mechanism for Promoting Major Projects".

The Tongzhou Area within the Data Pioneer Zone plans to develop a data headquarters base and special zones for cultural tourism and financial data to accelerate the realization of the data asset values. At present, the area has already attracted the first batch of national data evaluation organizations and a number of data-related enterprises. The special zones for cultural tourism and financial data will support enterprises to create no less than 20 typical data scenario application demonstrations, focusing on the construction of cultural big data centers and cultural digital asset trading platforms.

In terms of supporting the data asset value release, the BMC will provide matching fund incentives to enterprises that are the first to register, list, trade, or open data resources, and have obtained national or Beijing municipal funding incentives. It will also encourage the opening of a number of high-value data application scenarios in key sectors such as cultural tourism and finance, and issue investment subsidies based on the expenditure incurred on project R&D and construction. Furthermore, for enterprises leading major national, municipal, and district-level data-related special projects, and those achieving first-of-its-kind application products and solutions, project funds will be rewarded.

(Source: Beijing Daily)