A Night Tour of Beijing Enamel Factory: Experience Fantasy Cloisonné


On the Evening of July 6, the "6th Fantasy Cloisonné Nighttime Cultural Experience Season" organized by the Beijing Enamel Factory kicked off. The event features a cultural market showcasing time-honored intangible cultural heritage brands such as Cloisonné, Beijing Glassware, and Beijing Lacquerware. A new addition is the "Fantasy Cloisonné Exploration," where participants can engage in meticulously designed games to experience the cultural heritage at night.


Children Visit the Cloisonné Art Museum of China.

[Photo by Wang Guibin]

At the Cloisonné Experience Center within the museum, skilled artisans provide one-on-one instruction. The Jingfa Yiyuan Cloisonné Factory Store on Beijing Enamel Factory's first and second floors offers over a thousand exquisite Cloisonné products with 12% off. Additionally, Cloisonné masterpieces, vintage items from the 1970s and 1980s, and delicate Cloisonné animals are available.


Children observe the Cloisonné dotting technique.

[Photo by Wang Guibin]

The cultural experience season runs from July 6 to August 31, every Saturday from 17:30 to 21:30. During this period, the Cloisonné Art Museum and Experience Center also extend their visiting hours.


Cultural Market Scene

[Photo by Wang Guibin]

Source: The Beijing News