Foreign Influencers Praise 'Beijing - A Global City'

On July 4, the first offline filming activity of the 4th "Beijing - A Global City" Short Video Contest – Foreign Influencers in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center was held. 30 Foreign influencers from 25 countries including Brazil, Russia, Thailand, and Egypt visited Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (BYCC), Mutianyu Great Wall, and Haihao Film and Television Base. They appreciated the grand view of Yanqi Lake, the magnificence of the Great Wall and the perfect integration of Beijing's charm of ancient capital and global city.


Foreign Influencers in front of the BYCC

 Photo by Wang Chongning

As soon as they stepped into the BYCC, the internet influencers could not help to be fascinated by this beautiful "garden in the suburb of Beijing". "Yanqi Lake is a great place to entertain guests. It has pleasant weather and refreshing scenery. The view from Yanqi Tower is breathtaking," said  Gizelle Amada Lanza Rodrígues, an internet influencer from Honduras. "Yanqi Lake has beautiful scenery, excellent service, convenient location and renowned name. It will, like a magnet, attract more and more domestic and international guests," said Maksim Boitsov, an internet influencer from Russia.

In summertime, the ancient Great Wall winds through the green mountains like a giant dragon. Foreign influencers were amazed by the magnificent landscape and called it a rewarding trip. "This ancient architecture is so magnificent. It's hard to imagine how people could have done such a difficult project back then. It's incredible," said Moris Adrian Dieck Kattas, an internet influencer from Mexico. At the Haihao Film and Television Base, a series of professional and delicately designed film locations have gained compliments from these influencers. Katrina Neepo Jacob from Namibia is looking forward to seeing more "Beijing stories" in global languages through films and television works in the future.

(Source: CRI Online of China Media Group)