2023-07-04  |  


The China-Chic Carnival during the 11th Beijing People Beneficial Cultural Consumption Season got underway on the evening of June 30 in Beijing's Happy Valley park with a series of Dunhuang-style activities slated to last for 59 days.


The China-Chic Carnival features elements of Dunhuang in all the performances and art activities held in the park. Beijing's Happy Valley has teamed up with Dunhuang Museum to take visitors on a journey through time and space to experience the charm of Dunhuang culture with Dunhuang Style, Dunhuang Street Show and other themed performances.

During the festival, tourists will also be treated to a stylized ancient theme block in Happy Valley park where they can immerse themselves in the cultural charm of national tide street.


Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in themed activities ranging from an electric music carnival and sandbar concert to light shows and live-action dramas with special effects during the scenic night tours.

Summer is also a good time to get wet, and there will be no shortage of water entertainment in the park, with the Dunhuang-style Happy Duck water gun battle, big bubble pools, a water fountain square, water rides, and a special newly opened mini water splash parade, with performers dancing and using water guns to interact with tourists.

(Source: Beijing Daily)