I. Work Objectives

Dongcheng District will comprehensively intensify reform and innovation, promote the efficiency of policy implementation, and improve government service quality by focusing on key areas and links of the reform and sticking to better meeting the service experience of the public and market entities.

Dongcheng District will create a landscape of business environment reform that takes the lead in various areas, takes the first place in one certain area, highlights characteristics, and strives for overall improvement by collecting a batch of highlighted, effective, and replicable reform experiences.

The District will strive to serve as a pilot area to implement reform and innovation measures in the business environment across the city and the whole country and rank among the first batch of demonstration areas for piloting relevant policies. The District will create a "Dongcheng Model" to build the District into a "Double First-Class" area, provide a reference for the World Bank and China to evaluate business environments, and become one of the leading areas in Beijing and China in improving the business environment.

(I) Taking the lead in various areas

Dongcheng District will highlight the leading role in implementing innovation pilot reform policies in the city, focus on 15 measures in seven areas, and make full use of advantages in piloting reforms.

(II) Taking the first place in one certain area

Dongcheng District will underline the pioneering role in implementing reform and innovation measures in Beijing, stick to the goal of leading the way in reform, and focus on key reform areas, to achieve reform breakthroughs as a pioneering and leading district in Beijing and China

(III) Highlighting the characteristics of Dongcheng District

Dongcheng District will highlight regional characteristics in the reform of the business environment, seize the opportunity of developing the "Two Zones" and the international consumption center city, and take the "Culture+" initiative as an important engine to enhance the competitiveness of the business environment.

(IV) Pursuing comprehensive optimization and improvement

Dongcheng District will emphasize the systematicness of the business environment reform. With the theme of focusing on cultivating and stimulating the vitality of market entities and the principle of making breakthroughs in key areas, Dongcheng District seeks to advance the comprehensive optimization and improvement of the business environment. By doing so, Dongcheng District will build a more dynamic market environment, a more competitive environment with strong factor guarantees, an industrial development environment with a stronger driving force, a more efficient government service environment, and a stronger legal guarantee environment.

II. Main Tasks

Main tasks cover 15 aspects in five areas:

(I) Creating a more dynamic market environment

First, Dongcheng District will continue to deepen the reform of the business system, including the reform of "permit-license separation", "one business, one license", and "one business license with multiple addresses". Dongcheng District will optimize the functions of the "e-window" platform, implement measures to facilitate business start-up, take the lead in implementing the removal system for market entities and the system for filing business interruption records, and improve the promotion and service system for foreign investment, etc. 

Second, Dongcheng District will advance the reform of the approval system for construction projects. This involves implementing the multi-plan integration management measures for coordinated implementation, promoting the reform of the land use list system, deepening the reform of multiple survey integration, taking the lead in implementing the architect accountability system, promoting the integration of acceptance and registration for low-risk construction projects, deepening the joint acceptance reform and promote its implementation, and implementing the reform measures for online investment review and approval.

Third, Dongcheng District will facilitate service to improve access to public facilities. More specifically, Dongcheng District will support the application and installation services for public facilities, such as water, electricity, gas, heating, communication devices, and cable television, to be included in the district government service hall, streamline the examination and approval of water-related matters, and standardize the application and installation services of electricity.

Fourth, Dongcheng District will optimize the reform of government procurement and public bidding and tendering. To be specific, Dongcheng District will promote electrification in the whole process of bidding and tendering, optimize the government procurement process, and lower the transaction cost of public resources.

(II) Creating a more competitive environment with strong factor guarantees

First, we will optimize talent services, including improving foreign talent services, and promoting efficiency of issuing work and residence permits. 

Second, Dongcheng District will strengthen the support for financial factors, including allowing online inquiry of property registration and introducing China's first special support policies for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) formulated by the district-level government. Dongcheng District will strengthen the support for entrepreneurial guarantee loans, improve the financing guarantee system, perfect the support system for intellectual property pledge financing, and establish a consulting system for micro-finance services.

(III) Creating a convenient and efficient government service environment

First, Dongcheng District will improve the quality and efficiency of government services, including improving the management system for notification commitment approval, accelerating the application of electronic permits and licenses, optimizing window services, and actively promoting the unification of supervision and evaluation.

Second, Dongcheng District will improve real estate registration services, including deepening the reform of the real estate registration system, building the first intelligent integrated service hall for real estate registration in Beijing, and accelerating the implementation of the whole-process online handling of real estate registration.

Third, Dongcheng District will further facilitate tax payment services, including optimizing the tax handling process, focusing on optimizing online tax consultation services, building a smart tax handling hall, and exploring ways for joint governance of tax services.

(IV) Creating a sound legal guarantee environment

First, Dongcheng District will establish a new supervision system. More specifically, Dongcheng District will develop a "6+4" integrated supervision system, establish a whole-process supervision mechanism, implement hierarchical and classified supervision, further promote the supervision of "dual random inspection and public disclosure", advance the building of the social credit system, comprehensively improve the fair competition review system suitable to a high-standard market system, and carry out law enforcement in a strict, standard, fair, and civilized manner.

Second, Dongcheng District will strengthen the intellectual property protection in the whole chain, including strengthening the intellectual property pledge financing services, intensifying intellectual property protection, and greatly improving the enforcement effectiveness of intellectual property-related cases.

Third, Dongcheng District will deepen the reform of the trial execution system for civil and commercial cases, including further deepening the reform for the division system of simple and complicated civil and commercial cases, upgrading the public legal service center, and implementing a one-stop mechanism for courts to resolve disputes on the spot.

(V) Creating an innovation-driven environment for industrial development

First, Dongcheng District will take scientific and technological innovation as the driving force to continuously strengthen and improve the digital economy, including improving services for scientific and technological innovation and supporting the innovative development of enterprises.

Second, Dongcheng District will promote the innovative development of the cultural industry. More specifically, Dongcheng District will foster a new integrated development ecology featuring "Culture+", establish the first batch of national cultural and financial cooperation demonstration zones, and build a national cultural export base. Moreover, Dongcheng District will seek to create a characteristic cultural industrial park with the first scenario for the reform of delegating power, streamlining administration, and optimizing government services in Beijing's cultural industrial parks, and forge an international urban consumption landmark. 

Third, Dongcheng District will continuously improve services for enterprises, including enhancing service efficiency by providing hierarchical and classified services, continuously improving the service package mechanism for key enterprises, and promoting high-quality development of the building economy.