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The Implementing Methods of Dongcheng District for the Wenjing Program was reviewed and approved by the special meeting of the district government on November 27, 2018 and by the 83rd session of the Standing Committee of the 12th CPC Dongcheng District Committee on February 21, 2019. It is hereby issued for your earnest implementation.

Dongcheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

April 23, 2019

(For public release)

Implementing Methods of Dongcheng District for the Wenjing Program

In order to implement the Opinions of Beijing Municipality on Promoting the Innovative Development of Cultural Creativity Industry and Several Measures of Beijing Municipality on Promoting the Integrated Development of Culture and Technology, and the Implementing Opinions of Dongcheng District on Accelerating Cultural Innovation and Integration and Fostering High-end Economic Structure, further cultivate excellent cultural enterprises, boost the innovative vigor of cultural industry, and explore a new mode for the integrated development of culture&finance and culture&technology,“Wenjing Program” is launched, and this Implementing Methods is formulated in view of the actual situation of cultural industry development in Dongcheng District.

Article 1 The “Wenjing Program” is a special support program for excellent cultural enterprises in Dongcheng District funded by a special fund of the district government. The Program specifically supports three kinds of cultural enterprises, namely industrial leading enterprises, high-growth enterprises and characteristic cultural enterprises, provided they meet the following conditions. The supported enterprises shall consist with the development direction of cultural industry in Beijing and Dongcheng District; their industrial and commercial registration, taxation and statistics are all based in Dongcheng District; and they are independent legal entities.

An industrial leading enterprise refers to a cultural enterprise that registers over RMB100 million annual income from main businesses and has prominent industrial influence and regional driving force. A high-growth enterprise refers to a cultural enterprise that registers over RMB10 million annual income from main businesses and over 20% average growth for three consecutive years with strong innovation and financing capability, rapid income increase and leading services and products. A characteristic cultural enterprise features rich cultural connotations, prominent industrial standing and great creativity, including those engaged in content creation, creative design, theatrical performances and those with a long history in Dongcheng District.

Article 2 Rewards for industrial leading enterprises. Industrial leading enterprises that achieve outstanding performance and make considerable local economic contributions are entitled to the following rewards annually. Those ranking top ten in terms of local economic contribution will be rewarded with RMB1 million; those ranking from the 11th to the 20th will be rewarded with RMB800,000. Those newly established or moving to Dongcheng District with an annual income from main businesses of more than RMB500 million will be granted a lump-sum reward of no more than RMB5 million based on its local economic contribution; no more than RMB3 million if the annual income from main businesses is more than RMB300 million.

Article 3 Rewards for enterprises going public. Cultural enterprises are encouraged to grow in scale and strength through the standardized capital market. Those going public in China’s main board, SME board, ChiNext and in famous overseas stock exchanges or listed at China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) and obtaining a certain amount of financing will be granted a lump-sum reward in accordance with the Several Measures of Dongcheng District on Encouraging Enterprises to Secure Financing through the Capital Market.

Article 4 Rewards for high growth. Enterprises meeting the standards for high-growth cultural enterprises and capable of sustainable development will be granted a lump-sum reward of RMB500,000. High-growth cultural enterprises that have cumulatively received more than RMB20 million equity financing from investment institutions in the past two years may apply for a lump-sum reward that’s 1% of the total financing volume but no more than RMB1 million.

Article 5 Supplemental capital rewards. Cultural enterprises that have received policy capital reward from Beijing’s “Investment & Loan & Reward Program” or other supportive programs may apply for a 20% supplementary reward from Dongcheng District’s special fund for cultural industry development.

Article 6 Subsidy for characteristic enterprises. Dongcheng District will actively recommend characteristic cultural enterprises to apply for relevant special fund of the state or municipal level. It will give priority to supporting them to apply for subsidy from Dongcheng District’s special fund for cultural industry development in accordance with the Regulations of Dongcheng District on the Special Fund for Cultural Industry Development.

Article 7 Guidance for industrial fund. The Dongcheng cultural industrial fund will be set up in cooperation with investment institutions that will focus on investment in industrial leading enterprises and high-growth enterprises. Private investors are encouraged to invest in the cultural industry of Dongcheng District.

Article 8 Sharing of financing risks. Dongcheng District will work with cooperative banks and guarantee companies to jointly set up a risk pool fund and establish the credit risk sharing and compensation mechanism to mitigate the credit risks of financial institutions and motivate them to provide financing for cultural enterprises.

Article 9 Exclusive financial services. Given the different features and operating modes of cultural enterprises, cultural creativity banks, cultural guarantee companies, cultural leasing companies and cultural insurance companies are supported to employ multiple financial instruments and develop exclusive financial products and business modes suitable for cultural enterprises in different domains and development stages, so as to improve the service quality and efficiency.

Article 10 Service platform support. Steps will be taken to set up the cultural financial service center, the cultural enterprise credit promotion society, and the cultural industry big data service platform for investment and financing. Dongcheng District will also intensify the cooperation with Beijing’s “cultural creativity board”, Beijing listing cultivation base for cultural creativity enterprises and other public service platforms, and provide services for cultural enterprises in connecting them with potential investors and financiers, listing cultivation and credit promotion through government purchase of services.

Article 11 Space resources guarantee. Cultural enterprises are supported to operate in the vacated space in Dongcheng District. If enterprises, either located in Dongcheng District or not, require more operational space for expansion or for relocating to the district, they will be given priority in entering industrial parks in the district in accordance with relevant municipal and district supportive policies on the provision of space.

Article 12 Talent support. Greater efforts will be made to introduce and cultivate preeminent talents in the cultural industry and provide quality services for them to start business or innovate in Dongcheng District in accordance with relevant municipal and district talent policies.

Article 13 Enterprises that have already secured funds from other special fiscal funds of Dongcheng District will not be funded again in principle. Enterprises enjoying policy fund support herein will in principle not be entitled to other fiscal supports of Dongcheng District. The enterprise may choose the applicable policy at its own discretion.

Article 14 This Implementing Methods will come into force on the date of issuance. Should relevant policies of the nation or Beijing municipality be adjusted, such adjusted policies shall prevail. The Dongcheng District Cultural Development Promotion Center is responsible for the interpretation of the Implementing Methods.