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1. The original Application Form for Registration (Recordation) of Resident Representative Offices of the Enterprises of Foreign Countries (Regions). (See the application form's notes for detailed requirements. Market entities in the Registration Notification-Commitment System, which is implemented city-wide, shall submit the Letter of Commitment at the same time.)

2. The documents for the tax de-registration of the representative office. (It is not necessary to submit paper documents of tax clearance if the tax clearance information has been shared between the registration authority and the taxation department.)

3. The original materials detailing the deregistration arrangements and formalities issued by the customs and foreign exchange departments for representative agencies of foreign NGOs (i.e. certificates issued by the customs and foreign exchange departments that relevant matters have already been handled or the representative agencies have never gone through the relevant procedures), or the letter of commitment to certification notification. (In the notification-commitment system, other relevant certificates are not required if the letter of commitment to certification notification with signatures of the applicant and the submitter is submitted. The Letter of Commitment to Certification Notification can be downloaded and printed from the "Latest Announcements" section of the E-window Service website for enterprise services in Beijing Municipality.)

4. The original document approving the de-registration, which is issued by the initial approval authority. (Necessary only for the resident representative offices of the enterprises of foreign countries (regions) which involve the procedure of review and approval.)

5. The original registration certificate of the resident representative office, and the original representation certificate of the resident representative office.

6. The original Letter of Commitment to Registration Notification for Market Entities in Beijing Municipality. Entities choosing to use the Notification-Commitment System should also submit the Letter of Commitment of the Investor (Legal Representative) to Registration Notification for Market Entities in Beijing Municipality, and the Submitter's Letter of Commitment to Registration Notification for Market Entities in Beijing Municipality. 

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1. Time

Working Days: 9:00–12:00, 13:30–17:00 {Extended service hours: Saturday: 9:00–13:00 (except statutory holidays, during which reservations are required)}

2. Mode and Location

Address for on-site processing: Government Service Center of Beijing Municipality: Service Window for General Affairs, Zone B, 1F, No. 1 West Third Ring South Road, Fengtai District, Beijing (southwest corner of Liuliqiao). Beijing Municipal Administrative Center Government Service Center: Service Window for General Affairs, Zone 2 (southeast corner), No. 48 Xinhuadong East Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Online Processing: Please visit

3. Process

(1) Application acceptance: immediate acceptance

(2) Review and decision: 0.5 working day for decision

(3)Issuance and delivery: immediate issuance

4. Fees

Free of charge

5. Authority in charge

Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation

1. Registration application documents and other application materials shall be submitted on white A4 paper, neatly filled out, and signed with fountain pens or ballpoint pens in either black or blue ink. 2. Materials submitted on-site at service windows shall be originals unless otherwise specified. Photocopies shall contain a statement verifying that they are identical to the originals and shall be signed by the applicant, the designated representative, or the jointly entrusted agent. 3. Where the applicant chooses the fully electronic registration procedure, qualification certificates, identity documents, approval certificates, articles of association, resolutions, and other documents can be submitted in scanned originals (photocopies) via the fully electronic registration system, or in the formats specified by the registration service system. 4. If the materials being submitted in the application process require a signature but no signatory is specified, natural persons shall sign their own names personally. For legal persons and other institutions, the materials shall be signed by the legal representatives, persons in charge or authorized signatories, and stamped with official seals. People unable to sign in person shall submit a power of attorney with their in-person signatures to authorize another person to sign. The power of attorney should be submitted in the original, and the entrusted person shall cooperate with the registration authority for real-name authentication. 5. If submitted materials and notarized and certified documents are in foreign languages, they shall be immaculately translated into Chinese. The Chinese translations and the original documents in a foreign language shall be submitted at the same time, with an explicit expression that "This translation is accurate". The translation company shall affix its official seal (special seal for translation) on the translated copy or attach copies of the business license and other qualification certifications, and specify the translator and contact information. In the case of translation by a natural person, the natural person shall sign the translation, specify contact information and attach a copy of the corresponding translation qualification certificate or identity certificate of the translator. 6. During registration and recordation, applicants shall cooperate with registration authorities in the process of real-name authentication for relevant personnel via face authentication and other methods in the real-name authentication system. In cases where natural persons are unable to verify identity information through the real-name authentication system due to special reasons, the lawfully notarized identity documents can be submitted, or the natural persons can bring their identity documents to a service center for on-site processing.