In 2022, 5,794 new projects were registered in Beijing's "Two Zones" project database, a year-over-year increase of 61.7 percent. The actually utilized foreign investment in Beijing reached USD 17.41 billion in 2022, a year-over-year increase of 12.7 percent which was 4.7 percentage points higher than the national growth rate, fueled in large part by the development of the "Two Zones".

Beijing has taken the opportunity of opening up to accelerate the "Two Zones" development, implementing more than 90 percent of the tasks approved by the State Council in the very first year of the "Two Zones" development. In the second year, the city ranked first among provincial-level regions in terms of the pilot demonstration for expanding the opening up in the service sector, living up to its important leadership role. To date, Beijing has implemented 42 national breakthrough policies and 61 national landmark projects in its "Two Zones" development, with 34 of its innovations and reforms introduced and promoted nationwide, benefiting from ever greater opening up backed by increasing impetus.

(Source: The Beijing News)