The Academy of Internet Finance of Zhejiang University and Beijing Frontier Institute of Regulation & Supervision Technology (Beijing FIRST) recently released the Global FinTech Hub Report 2021.

Based on the FinTech Development Index (FDI), the report observes cities and analyzes the development status of the FinTech industry, users and ecology in the top 50 cities from more than 80 cities around the world. It uses four separate lists to highlight the current landscape and changes that have taken place in these global FinTech cities. It analyzes typical examples of three major FinTech development models and their strengths and weaknesses. It also focuses on Beijing, which has been ranked first among global hubs for three consecutive years, and analyzes all accumulated experience and future opportunities seen within the city.

The theme of the report is "Observing Changes with Digits, Three Begetting All Things". Specifically, "Observing Changes with Digits" means that the development of FinTech in global cities has been clearly recorded by the FDI in numerical form, thereby showing the changes in the global landscape and the growth of cities. "Three Begetting All Things" refers to the fact that the global FinTech sector has formed three types of development models: market-driven, technology-driven and rule-driven, typically represented by the practices in China, the US and the UK. However, these three models also have their own limitations. A country or a city may, only through the integrated and balanced development of the three aspects, realize the robust and sustainable growth of the FinTech sector. 

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration.)