The Office of the Commission for Law-based Governance under the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Office of the Commission for Law-based Governance) is set up in the Municipal Bureau of Justice, and undertakes the specific work of the commission under the direct leadership of the Commission for Law-based Governance. It is responsible for organizing and carrying out comprehensive policy research on major issues concerning the rule of law in Beijing Municipality, and coordinating and urging relevant parties to implement the decisions, work arrangements and requirements of the committee. 

The Municipal Bureau of Justice implements the decisions, arrangements, policies and measures of the municipal Party committee on law-based governance, and insists on and strengthens the leadership of the municipal Party committee on law-based governance in the course of performing its duties.  Its main functions include: 

I. Undertaking policy research on major issues concerning law-based governance, coordinating relevant parties to put forward long-term planning proposals for law-based governance, and being responsible for the supervision on the implementation of major decisions and arrangements. 

II. Being responsible for the overall planning of the legislative work of Beijing Municipality. Coordinating with relevant parties to put forward suggestions on legislative planning and annual legislative work plans, being responsible for tracking and understanding the implementation of legislative work plans by various authorities, strengthening organization, coordination, supervision and guidance, and studying and putting forward opinions and measures that link legislation with reform decisions. Being responsible for soliciting suggestions on government regulation preparation projects from the general public. 

III. Being responsible for drawing up or organizing the formulation of the drafts of relevant local regulations or government regulations. Undertaking the examination of the drafts of local regulations or government regulations submitted by various authorities to the Municipal Government. Being responsible for coordinating legislative work. Undertaking the interpretation and post-legislative evaluation of the regulations of the municipal government. Being responsible for coordinating the relevant disputes and issues arising from the implementation of local laws and government regulations in all districts and authorities. Undertaking the sorting and compilation of government regulations, and organizing the translation, examination and approval of the official foreign language versions of government regulations. 

IV. Undertaking the examination of the legality of normative documents issued in the name of the municipal government or the general office of the municipal government, documents or matters related to legal issues submitted to the municipal government for deliberation and approval. Undertaking the recordation and examination of normative documents formulated by the departments of district governments and the municipal government.  

V. Undertaking the responsibility of making overall planning and advancing the building of government administration according to the law in Beijing Municipality.  Guiding and supervising all departments of the municipal government and district, town and township governments to carry out administration of government according to the law. Being responsible for the comprehensive coordination of administrative law enforcement, undertaking relevant work to promote the reform of the administrative law enforcement system, and promoting strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement according to due procedures. Guiding and supervising the administrative reconsideration and response to administrative litigation, and being responsible for handling administrative reconsideration and administrative compensation cases. Undertaking the work of representing the municipal government in responding the administrative litigation against the municipal government. Undertake the work relating to the administrative reconsideration cases of the municipal government ruled by the State Council. 

VI. Undertaking the responsibility of making overall planning for the building of a society ruled by law in Beijing Municipality. Being responsible for drafting the publicity and education plans on rule of law, and organizing the implementation of work relating to education on and publicity of laws. Promoting the people to participate in and advance the ruling of law. Guiding the governance according to the law and the building of the legal system. Guiding the mediation work and the selection and management of people's jurors and people's supervisors, and promoting the building of judicial offices. 

VII. Guiding and supervising of the community correction work and the placement, assistance and education of released prisoners in Beijing Municipality. 

VIII. Being responsible for drawing up the plans for the building of the public legal service system of Beijing Municipality and organizing the implementation thereof, and making overall planning and deploying the legal service resources in urban and rural areas and regions. Guiding and supervising lawyers, legal aid, forensic identification, notarization, arbitration and the administration of primary-level legal services. 

IX. Being responsible for organizing the national unified legal profession qualification examination in Beijing Municipality. 

X. Being responsible for guiding the administration of guns, ammunition, clothing, police cars, etc. in the judicial system. 

XI. Planning, coordinating and guiding the work relating to the development of rule-of-law talent teams in Beijing Municipality, and guiding and supervising the development of teams in the judicial system. Being responsible for administering police affairs in the judicial system. 

XII. Administering Beijing Municipal Bureau of Prison Administration (Beijing Municipal Administration of Drug Rehabilitation). 

XIII. Performing other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.