Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau is mainly responsible for: 

1. establishing and improving the basic system of Beijing Municipality for ecology and environment; 

2. the overall coordination, supervision and administration of major ecological and environmental problems in Beijing; 

3. supervising and administering the achievements of the emission reduction targets of Beijing; 

4. offering opinions on the direction and size of fixed-asset investment in the field of ecology and environment in Beijing; 

5. the supervision and administration of the prevention and control of environmental pollution in Beijing; for directing, coordinating, and supervising ecological protection and restoration in Beijing; 

6. the supervision and administration of radiation safety in Beijing; 

7. the supervision and administration of ecological and environmental access in Beijing; 

8. the monitoring of the municipal ecology and environment and releasing the information; 

9. dealing with climate change of Beijing; 

10. organizing and carrying out supervision and inspection of the protection of ecology and environment in Beijing; 

11. organizing, directing and coordinating the publicity and education work on ecological and environmental protection in Beijing; 

12. carrying out the scientific and technological work and international cooperation and exchanges on ecology and environment in Beijing; 

13. carrying out supervision and law enforcement of ecology and environment; 

14. guiding, supervising and inspecting the ecological and environmental work of each district; and 

15. completing other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.