A new coffee shop has opened on Xisi Street, Beijing.

This new musical instrument themed coffee shop has its own special Xisi Latte, featuring a trademark treble clef carefully drawn by the barista. There is also another special latte decorated with traditional Chinese-inspired patterns, presenting a breathtaking black and white ink painting to customers, which is perfectly Instagrammable.


Sitting out on the terrace with your cup of chic coffee, you can relax surrounded by greenery and peaceful swinging seats. The views extend over Wansong Pagoda and Honglou Public Library, and to the White Pagoda in Beihai Park.

What was the "Huaxing Qinghua Sports Goods Center" for 70 years has been reborn as a coffee shop, presenting a brand new look. Downstairs is the Hua Yue Song Hotel, which is also musical instrument themed. It has a total of 68 rooms, with quaint, thoughtful details such as the music scores etched next to the door number of each room. Together, the music score compose Schubert's Serenade, aimed at sending guests off to bed with sweet dreams.


There are even various musical instruments available for guests to play in the hotel lobby, as well as three-day classes to learn how to play different instruments.

(Source: Official WeChat Account of "Beijing Xicheng" )