Dongcheng District Launches "The Heart of Beijing: Art Life" Campaign to Promote Cultural and Tourism Consumption


On June 30, "The Heart of Beijing: Art Life" campaign for 2024 was launched at Longfu Cultural Center, aiming to promote cultural and tourism consumption.

The campaign will last until October. During this period, Dongcheng District will focus on areas such as the Forbidden City, Wangfujing Street, and Longfu Temple, targeting five core business formats of cultural consumption, namely cultural and art exhibitions, theatrical performances, digital entertainment, high-end accommodations, and composite leisure and catering. The district will create seven major themed product guides, multiple representative integration projects, and four sections of activities, and launch more than 100 "The Heart of Beijing" themed products across various categories.

For inbound market customers, the "The Heart of Beijing" series of themed products will also be available on TUI's global website in July. Additionally, invitations to visit Beijing will be extended to global tourist sources such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Northern Europe.

(Source: The Beijing News)