Joy City Haidian Scheduled to Be Completed This Month

The highly anticipated project of Joy City Haidian is now in the final stages of construction, with completion scheduled for this month.


The project of Joy City Haidian is scheduled to be completed this month.


Rendering of Joy City Haidian

Located in the heart of the northern part of Zhongguancun Science City, Joy City Haidian is surrounded by abundant cultural and tourism resources. Except for famous scenic areas like the Old Summer Palace, the Summer Palace, and Fragrant Hills Park, there are also natural ecological resources such as Cuihu National Urban Wetland Park, Jiufeng Peak, Baiwang Mountain, and Fenghuangling. Moreover, the mall is only about 500 meters in a straight line from the under-construction northern area of the Palace Museum.

It is designed with an open spatial structure named "box + block + sunken plaza", organizing an outdoor scenic block that highlights natural ecological elements and strong interactivity, aiming to create a new park-style consumption and recreation environment.


Rendering of Joy City Haidian

Once established, it will become the largest commercial complex in the northern part of Haidian, with the most diverse business formats and most comprehensive amenities. This Joy City will fulfill the daily and cultural needs of nearly 300,000 residents and 400,000 workers there.

(Source: WeChat official account "Beijing Haidian")