First National Measurement Data Construction and Application Base for Autonomous Driving Established in Beijing


[Photo via VCG]

Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision of the People's Republic of China has approved Beijing to build a national measurement data construction and application base for autonomous driving, which is based on the application scenarios of the city's high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone. It is learned that the base will be the first of its kind in China.

Measurement data consists of all types of original and generated data emerging from measurement activities. Such data sets are notable for their traceability and reliability, making them essential national strategic resources, as well as new factors of production. Ensuring the accuracy of the measurements and data security and achieving effective use of measurement data will provide important technical support for boosting the development of new quality productive forces.

At present, Beijing High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone has issued road test qualifications for more than 800 vehicles of 29 tested automakers, and the testing mileage of autonomous driving has exceeded 25 million kilometers, realizing the full opening and coordinated development of eight urban application scenarios, such as those of intelligent connected passenger vehicles, intelligent connected buses, unmanned shuttles, unmanned delivery services, and trunk logistics, among others. Cumulatively, the zone has provided regular travel and life services for more than 11.6 million trips, amassing extensive data on vehicle-side perception, roadside perception, signal control, travel services, and others.

The application base is dedicated to leveraging measurement data to contribute to industrial development, urban governance and livelihood services. It builds upon roadside data from measurement equipment such as video equipment and sensor equipment, and the vehicle-side data collected by autonomous vehicles through measurement equipment such as sensors and cameras. By analyzing and mining such data to establish a standard scenario library, the base aims to develop an integrated vehicle-road-cloud information system for autonomous driving measurement data, as well as a proactive safety protection system. These endeavors are expected to advance the construction and application of the autonomous driving data system, so as to ensure safer, more efficient and smarter autonomous driving.

(Source: Beijing Daily)