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The 2022 Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) (official was launched recently.

Themed on "Create a Shared Future with Frontier Technology", the Competition aims to select start-up teams and companies with original and leading frontier technology across the globe. The Competition is divided into domestic and international competitions, and the latter includes three fields, such as new-generation information technology, bio-health, intelligent manufacturing and new materials.

Time: June to September, 2022

Participating requirements

1. Participants can take part in the Competition as a company or a team. Participating companies or teams shall mainly be engaged in the R&D, production and services of frontier technological products, which are highly innovative with bright market prospects.

2. The products, technologies and related patents of the participating projects shall have clear ownership of intellectual property rights without any disputes.

3. All participants shall be in reputable social standing with no record of dishonesty or criminality.

4. Participants shall be made up of core personnel such as main founders, shareholders and technical leaders, with a maximum of five people.

5. Participants, enterprises registered in places other than Beijing or overseas enterprises shall have the willingness to start a business in Beijing and specific plans in this regard.

6. If participants take part in the Competition as a company, it shall not be a listed company.

7. Each participating company or team shall submit only one project.

8. Companies or teams that have received the title of champion, first runner-up or second runner-up in the finals of previous Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competitions are not qualified for the upcoming competition.

9. Specific requirement for Domestic Competition: Participating companies shall be established after January 1, 2015 (except for those in sports technology).

10. Specific requirement for International Competition: Core members of the participating enterprises or teams of the International Competition shall have overseas experience in study, work or entrepreneurship for no less than one year (after January 1, 2015).


Prize offered in the finals: one champion, CNY one million; one second place winner, CNY 100,000; one third place winner, CNY 50,000, and each of the seven excellent awards with CNY 10,000.

Titles of honor:

(1) The top three participating enterprises of the grand final will receive the titles of champion, first runner-up and second runner-up, respectively. The remaining seven of the top 10 finalists will receive the title of excellence award.

(2) The top ten competitors in each field will receive the title of "TOP 10" in their respective fields.

(3) Regarding investments in frontier technological companies in Beijing, Professional institutions will select the top 50 investment institutions, and release a list of best investment institutions in frontier technology.


(1) The top three projects in each field (that qualify for policy support) will receive varying amounts of subsidies up to CNY 300,000 each for R&D of small and micro enterprises.

(2) The top three projects in each field (that qualify for policy support) will have direct access to policy support of Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Enterprises with a funding support up to CNY five million.

(3) Outstanding projects in each field that will launch operations in the Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Innovation Center will enjoy supporting policies of favored rental expenses and household registration with up to a three-year full subsidy for rents.

The organizer of the competition, along with relevant institutions, will provide various services tailored to enterprises such as:


  • handling technical requirements

  • investment and financing demands

  • Operation launch in Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Innovation Center

  • promotions & exhibitions  

  • timely updates on project services

Process and Schedule:

registration > qualification review > preliminary competition > semi-finals > finals.


Eligible teams and enterprises can sign up online, and shall be held accountable for the accuracy and authenticity of the information they fill in.

2. Qualification Review

The participating projects will undergo the qualification review and projects that pass the review will enter the preliminary competition.

3. Preliminary Competition

The preliminaries will be organized in each field, and the top 15 in each field will enter the finals of the respective field.

4. Final

The finals will be organized in each field. Each field will select the top 10 projects and the top two of each will enter the grand final.

5. Grand final and awards ceremony

The competition organizer will arrange the grand final for the winning projects of each field. After the grand final, there will be an awards ceremony for the champion, first runner-up, second runner-up, excellence award winners, and the awards for the top 10 projects in each field.


Please log in to for online registration.

Registration period

June 8 - July 1, 2022

WeChat official account: 前沿技术通讯

For international competition in fields including new-generation information technology, bio-health, intelligent manufacturing and new materials, please contact Ms Li for consulting. Tel:010-82895161

Working hours: 9: 00 am-11: 30 am and 14: 00 pm-17: 30 pm on weekdays during the registration period.

Email address of the Organizing Committee:

(Source: Official WeChat Account of Administrative Commission of Zhongguancun Science Park)