On January 16, the 700-year-old Hong'en Taoist Temple was opened to the public after renovation, serving now as a cultural museum featuring the Central Axis of Beijing. Citizens and tourists can make appointments for the space activities they are interested in on the WeChat mini program "Guanzhong Fuwu".

Hong'en Taoist Temple is located 200 meters north of the Bell and Drum Towers, covering an area of 3,326 square meters, with a total floor area of 2,180 square meters. Boasting profound historical and cultural heritage, the museum has a permanent exhibition of Hong'en Taoist Temple's history to show the public its functional evolution over nearly 100 years.

Inside the grand hall, there are stepped seats where book enthusiasts can sit and read. The space there can also serve as a venue for cultural events.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, a cultural exhibition with the theme of the Year of the Dragon will be opened in several spaces in the east rooms of the museum.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)