On November 21, Beijing introduced a digital map showcasing the locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in significant public spaces. This map is integrated with the Beijing 120 dispatch command system.


Users can access this map by searching for the "Beijing 120" mini program on WeChat and selecting the "Digital Map of AEDs in Major Public Areas" on the homepage. The system will automatically display AEDs in the vicinity and sort them based on proximity once users enable location services. The "Go Here" feature provides navigation to the selected AED location. According to the relevant administrative regulations, anyone who has undergone emergency training can operate an AED. Even those without training can use an AED under the guidance of 120 dispatch personnel or following the AED's voice prompts. There are no legal barriers to the public use of AEDs.

Beijing has 5,089 AEDs across the city's major public areas registered. These devices are located in seven types of key public areas, including schools, major public transit hubs, large malls and supermarkets, sports venues, parks and scenic areas, theaters and cinemas, and other densely populated locations, totaling 3,116 spots.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)