Recently, the Beijing Overseas Talents Center and China Daily have jointly released "A Guide for Expats to Work in Beijing" brochure and the "Work Service Directory for Foreign Talents in Beijing" web page in English. 


"A Guide for Expats to Work in Beijing" brochure

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The service guide provides policy and service information for foreign talents to work and start businesses in Beijing in a clear, convenient, and visual way, presented in both paper brochure and online directory web page. The major content includes work visa, entry procedure, accommodation registration, health examination certification, work permit, residence permit, social insurance, individual income tax, enterprise registration and so on. So far, the service guide has been promoted on the Regional Special of the China Daily English website.


"Work Service Directory for Foreign Talents in Beijing" web page

As a practical measure taken by the Beijing Overseas Talents Center to improve its international service, "A Guide for Expats to Work in Beijing" aims at facilitating foreign talents to access essential resources for their career development, committed to providing comprehensive information for foreign talents’ work and entrepreneurship. Up to now, the brochures of the service guide have been received by the foreign talents at the 2024 Spring Festival Event for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Foreign Talents. Moving forward, more brochures of the service guide will be distributed at key locations frequented by foreign talents arriving in Beijing, such as airports, high-speed railway stations, the government affairs service zones, international talents communities and the hotels where foreign talents prefer to stay.


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