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Beijing recently integrated its social insurance registration service into its E-window Service Platform for enterprise registration. The move will allow for the online processing of social insurance registration for enterprises at their start-up stage through one service window. While handling the registration of enterprises, users can also finish the social insurance registration for the employees of their enterprises simultaneously via this one platform.

In its ongoing commitment to improving the capital's business environment, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Insurance Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "Bureau") has introduced several initiatives in recent years, aiming to further optimize one-stop online services for businesses.

In 2020, the Bureau improved its E-window Service Platform in terms of the functions of employee social insurance registration and bank account information. Specifically, the registration process for employee social insurance has been streamlined, with only six items in lieu of 63 items to be completed now. Furthermore, newly established enterprises now have the option to authorize their banks to use newly opened bank accounts for the payment of social insurance premiums during the account opening process. This reform also allows social insurance authorities to acquire the relevant information of bank accounts through the E-window Service Platform, and enterprises no longer need to sign any hard copy bank payment agreement with a social insurance administrative agency. Established enterprises hiring employees can also handle social insurance registration for their new employees through the E-window Service Platform.

In 2021, the Bureau continued to optimize the platform's functionality for employee social insurance registration. The registration process for participation of new enterprises in the social insurance system has been further streamlined. When applying for registration of an enterprise, employee information can be filled in simultaneously through the platform. This enables the registration process for starting a business and participating in social insurance to be completed concurrently. Each insured enterprise can use the E-window Service Platform to increase or reduce the number of employees for the five types of social insurance (i.e. endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance and maternity insurance) as well as for the housing provident fund. Furthermore, there is no need to provide separate information on an enterprise's bank account during the period of its start-up and registration of employees. Filing declarations regarding registration and payment modes are also no longer necessary. Enterprises now do not need to sign tripartite agreements on withholding and paying for social insurance with the corresponding social insurance (medical insurance) agencies.

In 2022, Beijing further introduced four new initiatives. First, labor contract information was collected and included in the employee registration section of the E-window Service Platform. Second, employee social insurance registration information can be added in batches through the platform. Third, employment filings for individuals have been integrated into the platform, allowing for the combined processing of employment filing and insurance registration through a single platform. Fourth, changing individual basic social insurance information was incorporated into the scope of services of the platform.

(Source: The Beijing News)