Beginning July 29, the Selected Results of the Eighth Batch of State-organized Centralized Drug Procurement (hereinafter referred to as the "Selected Results") and Medical Insurance Standards will be fully implemented in Beijing. A total of 39 types of medicine will see price reductions, with an average decrease of 56 percent.

The Selected Results cover 40 main supply products such as Argatroban Injection, 52 backup supply products such as the Atosiban Acetate Injection, and other products identified as having been selected through the management subsystem of pharmaceutical and medical consumable procurement of Beijing Medical Insurance Information Platform. In addition, medications that have not been selected but are appropriately priced within the range accepted by national centralized procurement can be included for purchase and sold as supplements to selected medications.

In the eighth batch of medications for centralized drug procurement, a total of 39 types of medicine have achieved price reductions, with an average decrease of 56 percent. The selected medications cover anti-infection and anti-allergenic drugs as well as those for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, mental illness, and other common and chronic diseases. For example, the price of Oseltamivir Phosphate Oral Suspension used to treat influenza A is being reduced by 83 percent on average. The average prices for Amlodipine Atorvastatin Calcium Tablet (a commonly used antihypertensive drug) and Atosiban Injection (which is used in cases of premature labor) are down by 48 percent and 80 percent respectively. Under this system of centralized procurement, anti-infective drugs account for 40 percent of the total.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)