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2022-04-12  |  


Beijing taxi [Photo via]

Taxis in Beijing are plentiful, affordable, and well-managed thanks to the unified management. You can easily find taxis on the road.


Flag-down Rate CNY ¥13 for the first 3km
Unit Fare 1. CNY ¥2.3/km over 3km in the daytime
2. CNY ¥2.76/km from 23:00 to 05:00 the next day
Low-Speed Drive and Waiting Fare Extra CNY ¥4.6 for each 5mins' waiting or driving with the speed of lower than 12km/h during rush hours. CNY ¥2.3 during other time.
Empty-run Fee CNY ¥3.45/km for the extra distance beyond 15km
Fuel Charge CNY ¥1
Notes 1. The price is usually rounded up/down to a whole number of Chinese Yuan. For example, CNY ¥16 will be charged if the taximeter shows CNY ¥15.7.
2. The toll fee should be paid by passengers.

Booking Call: (8610)96103, (8610)96106 for taxi service.


1. Taxis in Beijing are colorful, yellow body, dark blue, green, or purple car roof. The logos of taxi companies are printed on the vehicle door and the top lightbox of the taxi. A taximeter is placed over the console. Without all these things, the taxi is probably unlicensed and you should refuse it, even if the driver solicits you. The taxi drivers in Beijing are real warm-hearted although they are not good at English. Hence, it would be better to write down or print the destination in Chinese to show them.

2. Don't try to hail a cab at a crossroads, as taxi drivers cannot stop their cars within 30 meters from an intersection to pick up passengers.

3. Smoking is banned from all Beijing taxis.

4. Taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse to take passengers for any reason, once the passenger is in the car. When cabbies refuse to drive you to the destination you want, you can make a complaint call at (8610)96103 or (8610)96106.

How to hail a taxi in Beijing

1. Hail a Taxi by Hand Signal

Stand by the roadside or at a designated taxi stand in Beijing and wave down a cab. Avoid intersections; otherwise, the driver won’t stop. Do not do it at the Ring Roads, urban expressways, and highways.

2. Booking a taxi

3. Online Car-Hailing Apps: Didi, Dida, Meituan...

Payment: Wechat, Alipay, UnionPay……