Yuyuantan Park's 'Fantasy Parade' Unveiled


The "Fantasy Parade", an event featuring intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and distinctive cultural performances is underway at Yuyuantan Park and will run until mid-May.


A performance of traditional Chinese magic tricks


A performance on a black awning boat

The event is held around the lake islet of Yuyuantan Park. Visitors can enter the park from the west gate and walk eastward along the main path to see the main entrance to the "Flower Fairy Fantasy Tour". Every day from 10:00 to 16:30, light melodramas, dance parades of which the performers are dressed in ancient Chinese costumes, traditional Chinese magic trick performances, performances recreating ancient scenes on black awning boats, and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions will be presented at designated locations. Other activities such as bubble shows, Song-Dynasty tea ceremonies, fairy treasure hunts, and interactive performances by clowns will be rolled out on an irregular basis. Visitors can check the times and details of these activities on the guide boards at all the entrances of the park.


An interactive performance by a clown


A dance performance

Additionally, there is an area featuring creative products integrating intangible cultural heritage elements, including lacquer fans, sugar paintings, clay figurines, and products associated with movable-type printing and sand painting. Visitors can learn about the making techniques of these products and feel the pulse of traditional Chinese culture.

(Source: The Beijing News)