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Route 5: Moshikou Historical and Cultural Block - Shijingshan District Stone Carving Museum - Cishan Temple - Shijingshan Gongbei Pavilion - Badachu Park

Highlights: There are many dragon-related elements in Shijingshan. The Moshikou Block is a "dragon-shaped" ancient road; the "Three Dragons Playing with a Pearl" and "Coiling Dragon Ceiling" at the Stone Carving Museum are particularly exquisite; the main hall of Cishan Temple has an ancient carved artwork featuring Dragon and Phoenix patterns on Brick Carving. You can also have a panoramic view of Beijing from Gongbei Pavilion; and there are eight dragons and phoenix patterns brick carvings on the ridges of the Dabei Temple in Badachu Park.

Route 6: Shougang Park (Ancient Style Lunar New Year Fair for the Year of the Dragon) - Badachu Park (11th Spring Festival Temple Fair) - Moshikou Historical and Cultural Block (Auspicious Dragon-themed Spring Festival Fair) - Shijingshan Amusement Park (Spring Festival Temple Fair) - Tairan Sports Center Square (Sports-themed Spring Festival Fair) - Langyuan PARK (Eight-Treasure Blessing Temple Fair)

Highlights: Shougang Park features Hanfu parades, traditional Chinese music band performances, and sci-fi e-sports experiences. You can seek blessings by climbing the hill at Badachu Park. Shijingshan Amusement Park offers a display of Beijing-style culture. Moshikou Block has activities such as collecting blessings and flash mob performances, with various Spring Festival gifts! Don't miss the dragon-featured dances, stilt walking performances, and other shows at Tairan Sports Center Square. At Langyuan PARK, you can watch performances of Taipinggu (a dance variety with hand-held drum), flower sticks, and diabolo playings.

(Source: Official WeChat account of "Shijingshan Culture and Tourism")