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2023-02-10  |  

Folklore-Themed B&Bs


Hesu · Yanqing Yaoguanling B&B

Hesu· Yanqing Yaoguanling B&B Group integrates 7 B&B brands under the unified management of a senior management team, which is in charge of the renovation, reconstruction and presentation of vacant residences in the village.

Folklore experience: a reunion dinner, various folk activities, and fairs.

Address: Yaoguanling Village, Liubinbao Township, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tel: 17701033508


Yunyinli Homestay

Yunyinli Homestay contains 14 courtyards, most of which are independent, traditional triple-house courtyards, containing a total of 85 guest rooms. Guests can select rooms with varying motifs such as traditional, Neo-traditional, Japanese, etc.

Folklore experience: skating, DIY candied haw, cotton candy, DIY tiger hats, stone paintings, a large drum performance, Yinyinhui (traditional folk music performance).

Address: Shangyingshui Village, Fozizhuang Township, Fangshan District, Beijing



Chuangyi Xiangju Boutique B&B

Chuangyi Xiangju is a homestay in the century-old Liangjiazhuang Village, which boasts residences, trees and walls with a history of several hundred years.

Folklore experience: paper-cutting, couplet-writing, DIY non-woven fabric, DIY super-light clay, cotton candy, DIY candied haws, lantern paintings, stone paintings, etc.

Address: No.1 south-winged house, the Liangjiazhuang Village Committee, Qingshui Town, Mentougou District, Beijing



Ice Lantern-Themed Homestay


Yuanxiangli Sansi Guest House

There are three separated courtyards and three separated double rooms. Courtyard No.1 has a capacity of eight people, while courtyard No.2 and courtyard No.3 can hold four and eight respectively. A feast on tofu or bean curd dishes, the traditional cuisine in Yanqing, is only a ten-minute drive away.

Featured  attractions nearby: Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort, Longqingxia Ice Lantern Festival, Beijing Expo Park, Liugou Brazier-Pot Tofu Banquet and more.

Address: Sansi Village, Jingzhuang Township, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tel: 13488871333


Dayin Yushi Fuchun Shanju Homestay

The high-end smart villas are all constructed with various designs, five of which have been completed, including the No.1 Xing (industrial style), No.2 You and No.3 Wang (Nordic style), No.4 Le and No.5 Xiang (minimalist style). This homestay has an approximately 1,000 square meter recreational area resembling a garden  covering Instagrammable spots, circular pools, cave bars, coffee shops and more.

Featured attractions nearby: Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort, Longqingxia Ice Lantern Festival, Beijing Expo Park, Liugou Brazier-Pot Tofu Banquet and more.

Tel: 13520258021


Saishang Guyun Homestay

This homestay has a floor area of 800 square meters with a capacity of around 40 people. It is equipped with a variety of functions. Situated at the north gate of Yongning Ancient Town, it is convenient for visitor parking.

Featured attractions nearby: Yongning Ancient Town, Longqingxia Ice Lantern Festival, Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort, Baili Landscape Gallery Scenic Spot and other spots to enjoy folk custom activities.

Address: Yongning Ancient Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

Tel: 13001188902


Harvest-Themed Homestays


Yiju Huashe Homestay

This homestay consists of three courtyards themed on types of travel,  such as leisure, business, and family. It comprises study rooms and a variety of recreational facilities including KTVs, swimming pools, sandboxes and swings.

Featured experience: This homestay is jointly run by neighboring farmers and thus can meet its guests' needs of picking fruits and vegetables.

Address: No.7, Banbidian Village, Weishanzhuang Town, Daxing District, Beijing

Tel: 13810815852


Shishan Yuanshe Homestay

With five guest rooms including three double bed rooms and two tatami suites, this homestay can accommodate 12 to 14 guests in one setting. It has separated kitchens, and recreational facilities, such as professional audio devices from JBL.

Featured experience: Guests can pick fresh vegetables planted in the yard for cooking.

Address: No.40, Qingshuihu Village, Zhenluoying Town, Pinggu District, Beijing

Tel: 13641311228


Laoguandi No.180 Homestay

This homestay accommodating 18 guests has a variety of guest rooms that are family-oriented, tatami designed, and have stunning mountain-views. Public facilities inside include a canteen and a tea room.

Featured experience: The nearby orchards are good places for leisure and picking organic fruits like strawberries.

Address: Laoguandi No.180, Shandongzhuang Town, Pinggu District, Beijing

Tel: 13801199298


Xiangbei Jingpin Homestay

With a Hui-style exterior, this homestay is equipped with a central air-conditioner and a floor heating system that accommodates eight guests. It has a cooking area and facilities for guests to cook a multitude of cuisines including Chinese, Korean, barbecue, Western, etc. The homestay also provides kits for boiling tea, making hand-ground coffee and sampling wine.

Nearby attractions: Universal Beijing Resort, Grand Canal Forest Park, Central Green Forest Park Ice & Snow Carvinal, nearby orchards for strawberry-picking, Xuandong Karting Club, etc.

Address: Shagudui Village, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Tel: 13811788231


Source: Official WeChat Account of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism