This article is a visa application guide for foreign students currently studying in colleges in Beijing, who shall participate in off-campus internship in relevant enterprises or organizations due to the need of school courses.


According to Article 11 of the 12 Convenient Immigration and Entry-Exit Policies of the National Immigration Administration: International students from overseas universities who are invited to China for internships by well-known enterprises and institutions in China could apply for the one-year visa for internships to the entry and exit administration department of the public security organ based on the letters issued by the inviting organizations, the university enrollment letters and other materials.


Apply for the short-term private matter visa (S2) (marked with "internship")

(1) The invitation letters from the well-known companies or institutions in Beijing, with the indication of the internship program and the cause for entering China.

(2) The proof of study at an overseas university (specify the major).


(1) Top 500 Chinese companies selected by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association.

(2) Beijing high-tech enterprises

(3) Organizations established in China by one of the Global 500 enterprises selected by the Fortune.


According to the Instructions of Foreigners Applying for and Extending Study-related Residence Permits and Applying for Internship Visa issued by Beijing Municipal Exit-Entry Administration: International students who have been studying in colleges and universities in Beijing for a long time can apply for the internship visas when they need to participate in off-campus internships for the purpose of training related to the major.


(1) Passports or other international travel documents.

(2) Foreigner Visa Application Form filled by black ink pen and one 2'' full-face bareheaded photo recently shot with white background, and the official seal of the recruiting organization.

(3) Valid proofs of residency of the applicants issued by the local police stations or hotels in the city.

(4) The reference letters (which should be in Chinese) of the institutions that enroll and agree the international students to participate in the off-campus internships. 
The comment letter should indicate the full name of the specific internship organizations or enterprises, the internship period and the internship description.

(5) The comment letters (in Chinese) or the internship contracts issued by the internship organizations or enterprises that agree the internship should indicate the basic information, enrolling institutions, internship time and internship description of the international students.

Relevant contents shall be consistent with the comment letters agreeing the internship issued by the internship organizations or enterprises.


The minimum term of validity of the application is 180 days, and the maximum term should be as indicated on the residence permit.