The predecessor of the School of Literary Studies is the School of Literature and Arts of the North China Union University merged from the Shanbei School and Yan'an Lu Xun College of Arts in 1938, as well as the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Language Research Institute, etc. gradually developed after 1960. It merged with the former School of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and was reconstructed in January of 2008. Currently, it consists of nine teaching units, six research institutes of the school, and two research institutes of the university. The school has 21 professors, 21 associate professors and 33 lecturers in total, of which approximately 80 percent have the doctoral degree. At present, there are 1,071 students at the school including 534 international students.


The applicant must be aged between 18 and 60, have received senior high school education or above, be in good health, abide by Chinese laws as well as rules and regulations of the university.

Levels of Courses Available

The school will offer Chinese language elementary courses, intermediate courses and advanced courses based on the Chinese language proficiency of students. It will offer basic Chinese language courses such as listening, speaking, comprehensive training, and others.

Lessons will be delivered from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., from Monday to Friday and tutorials will be offered in Thursday afternoon; extracurricular practice will be held in the afternoon (or evening) of Wednesday and Saturday. The university will make unified arrangements of vehicles and organize students sightseeing in Beijing.

Tuition & Fees

Registration fee: 300 per student

Tuition fee (including textbook fees and expenses for intra-city sightseeing and artistic activities):

Two weeks: 2, 300, three weeks: 3, 000, four weeks: 3, 500, five weeks: 4, 000, six weeks: 4, 500.


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