Spring Returns: Let's Go and Watch Migratory Birds Heading Back North!


Bird migration is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. Among the global migratory routes, the East Asian-Australasian flyway passes through the skies of Beijing. Now, it's time to bring your camera and capture the beauty of nature!

China National Botanical Garden

The China National Botanical Garden,located in Xishan area, Beijing, consists of the North Garden and the South Garden. In the North Garden, there are two popular bird-watching routes. The eastern route runs north along the eastern wall of the garden , with fewer visitors but more birds and raptors in the shallow mountain area. The western route, on the other hand, is the main tourist route, with well-maintained greenery and water distribution.

Nanhaizi Park


Nanhaizi Park

Photo via Beijing Daily App

Nanhaizi Park, situated in Daxing District, boasts expansive water surfaces, diverse terrains, and lush vegetation, providing abundant food sources and excellent hiding spots for animals. It attracts a variety of birds to roost and rest here, making it a favorite destination for urban dwellers to take vacations, relax themselves and watch birds.

Beijing Yeya Lake National Wetland Park

As Beijing's first internationally significant wetland, Beijing Yeya Lake National Wetland Park has recorded a total of 369 bird species. It is expected to reach the peak of bird migration in mid-March, with thousands of migratory birds resting and foraging here. The park is equipped with bird-watching platforms and observation decks, allowing visitors for close observation of various activities of waterfowl and migratory birds.


Wild Duck Lake National Wetland Park

Source: Official WeChat Account of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism