Beijing Subway has recently installed free water vending machines at several subway stations, offering passengers complimentary drinks while waiting for their trains and even personalized bottle labels, creating their own unique bottles of mineral water.


Free water vending machine at Panjiayuan Station

Passengers can scan the QR code displayed on the screen of a vending machine or search for the WeChat mini-program "Di Tie Qu Ling Shui" to receive one complimentary bottle of water per person on a daily basis. For anyone interested in customized bottled water, an additional yet small fee of CNY 3.99 will be charged. To be more specific, you can simply upload a picture to design a personalized bottle label through the mini-program, and wait for the machine to create your customized bottle.


A free water vending machine at Chengshousi Station

Currently, Beijing Subway has installed a total of 19 customized water vending machines at selected stations along Lines 5, 10, and 8.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)