Yikatong (Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication Card) can be directly purchased or obtained by paying a deposit. To use the card, users can download the app of Yikatong to their phones or wearable devices or directly use the physical card. In addition to paying for public transport such as buses or the subway in Beijing Municipality, Yikatong can also be used for small-scale consumption, including public bike rental services, parking services at the Park and Ride car parks, and consumption at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

How to activate the payment code of Yikatong:

You need to download and log in to the latest version of the app (version or higher). Click "Bus Code" (公交码) of "Subway Code" (地铁码) on the home page. Follow the instructions to complete the real-name authentication and choose your payment method, and then you can activate this function for free.

How to get a deposit card:

Users can apply for the card by paying a deposit at card issuing/top-up outlets authorized by Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication Card Co., LTD., such as subway stations, bus stations, long-distance bus stations, and Yikatong business halls. Users shall pay a deposit of CNY 20 and top up the card with at least CNY 20 when applying for a new one.

How to top up

Manual top-up 

1. Users can top up their cards at manual service outlets of Yikatong;

2. The amount shall be in an integral multiple of CNY 10 and the value stored shall not exceed CNY 1,000.

Mobile top-up

1. NFC top-up: Users can download the app of Yikatong to their smartphones with the Near Field Communication (NFC) function and top up Yikatong cards marked with "©" or the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Intercom Traffic Cards by putting the cards on their smartphones.

2. Users who have the Yikatong or Intercom Traffic Card on their phone can top up their cards through the app of "Yikatong".

Self-service machines

Users can top up their cards at self-service machines such as Yikatong multi-functional machines, vending/top-up machines in subway stations and ATMs. Generally, self-service machines can be found in public transport hubs, Beijing Subway stations, banks, and shopping malls.

Note: Yikatong is issued anonymously. If users need electronic invoices, personal information is required. The personal information left in the app real-name authentication is bound with the account of the app rather than the card. The e-wallet of the card is also managed anonymously, so please take care of your card to avoid any property loss.

(Source: Official website of Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication Card)