►  When the representative office employs Chinese nationals as support staff and applies online through the lawyer management platform, no written materials are required.

►  When the representative office employs foreign citizens as support staff, they should both apply via online platform and with the following printed materials:

(1) A letter of intent to hire (including the reasons for employment and the resume of the job candidate.)

(2) A certificate of no criminal record for the job candidate

(3) One copy of the candidate's highest obtained diploma (or other degree certificate) 

(4) One copy of the qualifications of the foreign job candidate

(5) One copy of the candidate's ID card


Location: Beijing Government Service Center 

Comprehensive window, No. 1, Xisanhuan south road, southwest corner of Liuliqiao)Fengtai district, Beijing, China

Hours: weekdays: 9:00-12:00; 13:30-17:00

Information line: (010)89150405

Online enquiries:

The procedure from acceptance of the application, to review and decision-making, to issuance of certificate, requires ten workdays in total.