Application Eligibility

1. The residence of the electric bicycle owner is within the jurisdiction of Beijing Municipality;

2. Individuals for registering electric bicycles shall have their vehicles included as a product in the Catalog of Electric Bicycle Products in Beijing Municipality issued by the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation;

3. Submitted certificates and credentials satisfy regulations, and are legal and valid;

4. Vehicles shall be handed over for inspection. 

1. Service centers for electric bicycles purchase, registration, and plate issuance (April 7, 2022) Click for details (Annex1.docx

To simplify the electric bicycle registration process for owners, the traffic management authorities have selected 420 electric bicycle retailers in the city as service centers to provide one-stop services including the purchase, registration, and plate issuance of electric bicycles. The registration service of one service center is not limited to the electric bicycles sold in its store. Residents can register their electric bicycles at the service centers of the same brand even if they purchased them at other stores. 

2. Registration sites for non-motor vehicles Click for details (Annex2.docx

Applicants shall make an appointment through the "Beijing Traffic Management Bureau" (北京交警) app before heading to a non-motor vehicle registration site for electric bicycle registration. 

Opening hours for non-motor vehicle registration sites: 8:30-18:00, Monday to Friday; 9:00-16:00, Saturday and Sunday (except for national holidays) 

1. Application form for registration (available on-site);

2. Identity certificate of the owner of the electric bicycle; 

3. Certificate of conformity of the entire vehicle;

4. Proof of origin of the electric bicycle;

(1) The sales invoice for the electric bicycle is the proof of origin of the purchased vehicle;

(2) If the electric bicycle's ownership has been transferred through court mediation, ruling, or judgment prior to registration, the proof of origin includes the court-ordered documents that have come into effect: Mediation Agreement, Ruling or Judgment, or the Notice to Assist in Enforcement; 

(3) If the unregistered electric bicycles are purchased and allocated to the subordinate departments of the state organs, the proof of origin should be the sales invoice and the allocation certificates issued by the relevant departments; 

(4) The relevant documents declaring inheritance, donation, and agreement to offset the debt, along with the Notarial Certificate issued by notary public offices are the proof of origin for unregistered electric bicycles. 

1) Make an appointment through the "Beijing Traffic Management Bureau" (北京交警) app; 

2) Case acceptance and examination; 

3) Vehicle inspection; 

4) If requirements are met, relevant information will be input into the database and stored; 

5) Plate production and issuance. 

  • Processing Deadline
  • Fee

Processing shall be completed within one working day from the date of acceptance.

Free of charge.