If the information documented on the motor vehicle driver's license changes, or if the license is damaged or illegible, you can apply to replace your license at either the Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV hereafter ) where the motor vehicle driver's license was issued or at any other motor vehicle department within 30 days of the revision. The procedure is as follows:

►The identification documentation (ID hereafter) of the motor vehicle driver. If being handled by an agent, it is necessary to submit the agent's ID as well. When there is no client signature, additional power of attorney can be submitted. For those who have finished commission online via the 12123 app, there is no need for a paper copy of the power of attorney;

►Motor vehicle driver's license

►2 Copies of the driver's photos 

Photo requirements:

· Must be a forward-facing shot of the applicant from the chest up containing their entire face.

· Photo must be in color and taken within 6 months before he or she applies for the driver's license.

· Headgear is strictly prohibited.

· The background color must be white;

· The features of the subject should be clearly discernible, along with a natural appearance with no obvious distortions, filters, or modifications.

· The size of the photo must be 32×22mm (equivalent to 1 inch), with the head taking up 14-16mm horizontally and 19-22mm vertically.

Diplomatic and foreign personnel handling procedures related to changes in name, nationality and certificates are to go to the DMV, while other procedures can be handled at one of the branches. 08:30 - 18:00 on weekdays, 09:00 - 16:00 on Saturdays (except legal holidays)

For inquiry, please call: +86-10-12122

  • Timeline and Fees

Processing Time

Within one working day.

Processing Fee:

CNY 10/each