Robot Dogs to Be Deployed in Capital's Core Area and Other Pilot Areas for Cable Inspection in 2024


Robot dogs, equipped with infrared and video sensors, can monitor the operational status of equipment in real time in underground cable tunnels, carrying out unmanned, digitalized inspections. The use of robot dogs can alleviate the burden of manual inspections while increasing working efficiency. Robot dogs are expected to start carrying out unmanned, digitalized inspections in pilot areas like the core zone of Beijing, Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, the Bird's Nest, and Yuquanying this year.

Robot dogs can monitor the operational status of equipment in real time and instantly upload videos to the system for a better assessment.

A robot dog 

A robot dog on duty, which can work for four hours after fully recharged

The digitalized cable tunnel in Yuquanying is reportedly the first electric power tunnel in China to utilize digital unmanned inspection technology. This demonstration section is equipped with the most advanced sensing devices, including a quadrupedal unmanned inspection robot specifically designed for power tunnels, known as the "robot dog", as well as 11 types of on-site monitoring equipment spanning five categories.

(Source: The Beijing News)