Taihu Jazz Festival Kicks off in BJ


On the evening of May 22, the 2024 Taihu Jazz Festival kicked off, marking the start of the performance season under the brand of “Yunhe Youxi (运河有戏)” (literally Brilliant Performance at the Grand Canal).

Musicians are Performing on the Stage at Taihu Jazz Festival

During the 2024 "Yunhe Youxi (运河有戏)" performance season, Tongzhou District will host nearly 1,300 performances, including the Taihu Jazz Festival, Stars Drama Village Family Theater Festival, and Mahua Funage Comedy Life Festival from May to October.

More than 200 jazz performers, both domestic and international, will take the stage one after another from May 22 to May 26, offering over 50 jazz performances. Unlike prior editions, this year's Taihu Jazz Festival even offers guests luxurious performing locations. Three free performance stages — the Dance Art Workshop Stage, the Snowflake Stage, and the Instrumental Interactive Stage — have been set up in addition to the Taihu Outdoor Theater and the Taihu Theater at the National Center for the Performing Arts Taihu Stage Art Centre. Over 40 up-and-coming jazz ensembles has been invited to perform at the above-mentioned three locations

The park serves coffee, hot dogs, and other refreshments to guests.  Visitors can savor delectable meals, participate in artistic and cultural events, and explore the marketplace while strolling around.

Source: The Beijing News