Beijing Releases First Set of Industrial Maps


Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform has recently released the first set of industrial maps of Beijing, to provide clear guidance for the growth of the enterprises based in the city and further enhance the prominence of Beijing's Services for an optimized business environment.

These maps cover all three economic sectors and encompass 31 key industries, including high-end, precision, and sophisticated industries, modern service industries, the combination of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, modern infrastructure industries, and modern agriculture. With the focus on the key industrial regions of Beijing's 16 administrative districts and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BETDA), these maps provide a comprehensive picture of industrial foundations and resource advantages in the city's administrative districts and industrial parks. They will better serve business entities and guide them to make precise plans, facilitating their growth by complementing each other's strengths.

The industrial maps consist of three parts: "Comprehensive Layouts," "Regional Layouts," and "Industrial Guidance." In total, there are 75 maps showcasing the current state of the industries and relevant plans. Specifically, the "Comprehensive Layouts" provide an overall plan of the industries in Beijing, a layout of Beijing's modern service industries, and a layout of Beijing's advanced manufacturing industries, based on the latest version of the overall urban plan of Beijing and Beijing's plan for the development of the high-end, precision, and sophisticated industries. The "Regional Layouts" is based on the regional land spatial planning, the plans for industrial growth and special action plans of the 16 districts and BETDA, covering 26 key industrial parks and consists of 9 spacial layout maps, showcasing Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, the "Three Science Cities and One Hi-tech Area" (i.e. Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City, Beijing Future Science Park and BETDA), New Cities Around Beijing (Fangshan, Shunyi, Changping, Daxing, and BETDA), and the development clusters of Zhongguancun Science Park and its 16 sub-parks. The "Industrial Guidance" is made up of 63 maps of five key industries: high-end, precision and sophisticated industries, modern service industries, the combination of the advanced manufacturing and the modern service industries, modern infrastructure industries, and modern agriculture.

The maps for the high-end, precision and sophisticated industries and modern service industries include three categories: distribution of industrial innovation resources, locations of key enterprises, and overall industry plans. These maps cover key domains such as new-generation information technologies, medicine and healthcare, integrated circuits, financial services, sci-tech services, and commercial services. Enterprises seeking innovation can search for resources within their respective domains with these maps. For instance, by accessing the distribution map of the innovation resources for the AI industry, the research centers and institutions in the vicinity can be quickly located.

(Source: Beijing Daily)