Shougang Group Included in Beijing's First Batch of Acknowledged Industrial Heritage Sites

Recently, the official website of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology announced the first batch of recognized industrial heritage sites in Beijing. Among the selected sites is the Shougang Group, which has the longest history on the list.

Founded in 1919, Shougang is a symbol of China's modern industrial development and the growth of national industry.

In the early stages of China's reform and opening-up, Shougang was a pioneer in terms of industrial enterprise reform by implementing the contract system. It pioneered various initiatives: it was the first to establish a modern steel plant utilizing imported second-hand equipment, the first to be endowed with rights for investment projects approval, capital raising and allocation, as well as autonomy in foreign trade within China, the first to establish a bank, and the first to acquire overseas mineral resources.

During the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Shougang Park became a globally-renowned tourist destination. It seized the opportunities brought by the Games to promote the sustainable use of industrial and Olympic heritage, accelerating the revitalization of the old industrial area.

Landmarks like the Big Air Shougang and the office area of the organizing committee of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games are located here. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council awarded Shougang Group the title of the "Entity with Outstanding Contribution to Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games".

Endless stories of urban renewal and renovation unfolded here, with the western extension line of Chang'an Avenue, the New Shougang Bridge, and Jin'an Bridge Transportation Hub.

Over 300 enterprises in fields such as science fiction, Internet 3.0, artificial intelligence, and aerospace have settled here. Major conferences and events like the China International Fair for Trade in Services and the China Science Fiction Convention are held here, establishing a high-end, sophisticated and cutting-edge industrial system led by the "Technology+" industries.

Shougang Park has cultivated a unique consumption ecosystem that seamlessly integrates industries, dining, hotels, retail, exhibitions, and various cultural experiences, making it a model for urban renewal and revitalization in China.

(Source: Shougang Park)