Beijing Capital International Airport Implements Summer Schedule

On March 31, 2024, at midnight, Beijing Capital International Airport began its summer schedule, which will run until October 26, 2024, covering a total of 210 days. Throughout this period, the number of passenger airlines operating at the airport will rise to 45, with an increase in international passenger flights. Additionally, there will be adjustments to the terminals for certain domestic flights operated by Air China.

During the summer flight season of 2024, the Capital Airport aims to operate an average of 1,278 flights per day, including 1,217passenger flights. This marks a rise of 30 flights compared to the winter season of 2023. Both domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) and international passenger flights have seen increases of varying extents. Specifically, the daily average of international passenger flights is projected to hit 190, reflecting a surge of approximately 20% compared to the winter season of 2023.

The Capital Airport plans to include 220 stops along its route, with 214 dedicated to passenger transport. Among them, 131 will cater to domestic passengers (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan). The airport intends to introduce three domestic stops at Changdu, Dunhuang, and Holingola. In the upcoming season, international passenger destinations will expand to 83 across 50 countries spanning five continents. Anticipated additions include two new destinations in Dhaka and Riyadh, as well as the reopening of routes to Seattle, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Gatwick, London. Moreover, over 30 international destinations, including New York, Los Angeles, Munich, Barcelona, Stockholm, Moscow, Seoul, and Tokyo, are expected to see increased traffic. During the initial phase of the season, there are plans for 52 weekly flights shuttling between the United States and the Capital Airport, serving six US destinations: eighteen for San Francisco, ten for New York, eight for Los Angeles, four for Washington, six for Boston, and six for Seattle.


Please note that during the upcoming season, certain domestic flights operated by Air China will be relocated. Please confirm your airport and terminal information to ensure a smooth travel experience.


(Source: Beijing Capital International Airport)