Experience Four Seasons at a Traditional Siheyuan of Beijing: Capital Museum's Exhibition on Folk Customs

Beijing Xicheng District People's Government


The Capital Museum recently reopened after a year of renovations. One of the highlights of the upgraded museum is the "Four Seasons' Album: Beijing's Folk Customs" exhibition. Located at the square hall on the 5th floor, the exhibition includes four parts: "Spring - embracing the joy of spring in the chilly weather", "Summer - scorching summer day", "Autumn - enjoying the wonderful season of autumn" and "Winter - winter heralds the end of a year". About 400 pieces (sets) of cultural relics depict local customs, traditional food, and cultural scenes, allowing visitors to explore the ancient capital's profound culture and long history.

The exhibition fully reflects the distinct local characteristics of Beijing, and presents the customs of different social strata in the past, including royal families, gentry, and commoners. By exploring interesting customs and scenes of daily life in four seasons, it reveals the deep-rooted ritual system and cultural practices of the time.

There are also some hidden bonuses in the exhibition hall, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to visitors' museum experiences.

Note: Reservation is required for this permanent exhibition.