2024-03-29  |  


A staff member of the post station helps a visitor take part in the event.

The map for collecting stamps

"Manyou Cultural Life Season" kicked off in Xicheng District's Lanman Hutong recently. Every participant can get a check-in map at Manyou Shiguang Post Station. By collecting stamps at all the six check-in points and then posting a WeChat Moment with the location tagged as "Lanman Hutong", they can receive a gift at the station during the event.

The six check-in points including Shi Qian Coffee Shop, Huayun Dingxiang Hotel, OONAGH Coffee & Bar, Lan Man Hua Tian Flower Store, Wa Bao Milk Tea Shop, and "Chua" Life and Art Shop are located in Lanman Hutong, Nanbanjie Hutong, Qijing Hutong, and Tianjing Hutong. On their stamp collection trip, participants can also visit Shaoxing Guild Hall, Hunan Guild Hall, the Former Residence of Tan Sitong, the "Red Meeting Room", Guangde Building, and Fayuan Temple. The guild hall sites and historical buildings will bring visitors an immersive experience of the Xuannan culture.

In addition, participants can scan the QR code of the event and pay with the Postal Savings Bank's digital RMB wallet to enjoy a CNY-10 discount on any purchase exceeding CNY 30 at the participating stores and hotels. The whole event will last until March 31.