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2023-11-23  |  

Recently, the General Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality issued the Implementation Plan of Beijing Municipality for Promoting Future Industrial Innovation and Development (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). The Plan proposes that Shijingshan District will focus on the development of sub-industries in four major sectors: future information, future health, future manufacturing, and future space.


In recent years, Shijingshan District has successfully held China Science Fiction Convention (CSFC) three times in succession, which has been designated as a parallel forum of Zhongguancun Forum (ZGC Forum). Additionally, it has established the country's first sci-fi industry consortium and first sci-fi industry fund, and gathered nearly a hundred sci-fi companies to highlight the golden brands of the sci-fi district in western Beijing.

Shijingshan District has also built a general artificial intelligence large model industry development cluster, with rapid growth in metaverse and sci-fi industries. A number of high-quality enterprises have sprung up in such fields as perception and interaction, advanced display technology, advanced rendering, chip design, and computational optics. Currently, Shijingshan is actively promoting the construction of the Sci-Fi and Metaverse Benchmark Incubator (Phase II) and making efforts to establish a heterogeneous integration (HI) and microsystem innovation consortium and others.


To build an integrated service platform and a coordinated network for health industry covering the region, Shijingshan District has taken the initiative to establish a health industry association that gathers a group of members such as CSSC Haishen and Darwincell. Focusing on nerve repair and other specific segments, the association strives to accelerate the development of innovative medicines and medical consumables (such as pipelines) to foster an original Chinese nerve repair brand based in Beijing. This can further integrate industrial resources, connect upstream and downstream supply chains, set up channels for collaboration and communication, facilitate the implementation of projects in the district, and achieve production/sales cooperation among enterprises across the industrial chain, so as to cultivate a competitive health industry cluster, and promote the development of the health industry in Shijingshan District.

Currently, Shijingshan District has been committed to the upgrading and renovation of old industrial plants and inefficient buildings. The construction of specialized parks such as the Zhongguancun Industrial Internet Industrial Park and Zhongguancun Virtual Reality Industrial Park will boost the development of industry standards for key technologies, advanced processes, test methods, important products and typical applications.

It is necessary to leverage the advantages of leading enterprises in building an industrial ecosystem and leading the supply chain, strengthen technical collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises in key supporting links, and jointly develop standards, so as to form a working pattern of collaborative advancement of the entire industry chain with seamless coordination between the upstream and downstream. The vision of Shijingshan District is to create an innovative hub for industrial development and drive the revitalization of the so-called "Eight Major Manufacturers in Western Beijing" and the Shijingshan District.


So far, Shijingshan District has established a number of top scientific research institutes and enterprises in the industry, such as the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Intelligent Science and Technology Academy and China's Deep Space Exploration Lab (Beijing Branch). The next step will be driven by future space exploration scenarios to continue efforts in promoting the clustered development of enterprises in related fields.

(Source: Shijingshan District of Beijing)