[Photo via VCG]

Recently, the "Overseas Talent and Technology Exchange" activities were initiated in Beijing E-Town.

The event was organized by the Beijing E-Town Federation of Overseas Chinese, the Association of New Social Stratum Persons, and the Global University Career Development Union (GUCCU). 

During the event, representatives of employment-related personnel from 40 internationally renowned universities such as Columbia University, the University of Chicago, Duke University, Durham University, King's College London, National University of Singapore, and the Australian National University visited the CICV (National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center) and the laboratory of the innovation center. 

Additionally, in-depth discussions and exchanges were conducted on international talent introduction, joint talent cultivation, and scientific research cooperation.

At the exchange meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing E-Town Federation of Overseas Chinese warmly welcomed the representatives of overseas universities, and played the promotional video of Beijing E-Town, introduced the area's current industrial development climate and the international talent development environment of the area. 

Meanwhile, detailed answers were given to questions raised by representatives of overseas universities regarding industrial research and innovation in Beijing E-Town and the introduction of international talents.

During the discussion and exchange session, the head of the CICV introduced in detail the development positioning and core business of the innovation center. They shared the achievements of the innovation center in the research of common technology topics, as well as in the joint cultivation of industry and education, intelligent connected vehicle competitions, training camps, postdoctoral workstations, and the recruitment and training plan for master's and doctoral talents.

The representatives of overseas universities expressed strong interest in the international talent development environment of Beijing E-Town and the forms of university-enterprise cooperation adopted by the innovation center, and held in-depth discussions on conducting university-enterprise cooperation, the joint-cultivation of overseas talents, and the joint-hosting of various competitions.