The launch  event of the large-scale model COL was recently held in  Shougang Park, Shijingshan District. As a national pioneer in digital  culture, COL entered the AI-generated content market two years ago. Now,  it unveils the world's first large-scale 10,000-word-level creation  model - the COL

At the launch event, COL and Shijingshan District signed a strategic  cooperation agreement which states that they will work together to  promote the development of large-scale AI model applications and build  an investment platform for digital economy, creating a new hub for the  regional digital economy.

As the world's first large-scale 10,000-word-level creation model, the  COL greatly improves the efficiency of creators by generating  10,000 words with one click, writing a novel from one picture, and  comprehending a one-million-word novel in a single read. Based on the  creator's ideas and inspiration, it can offer assistance throughout the  entire creation process including story conception, plot arrangement,  content writing, character dialogue, illustration production, and even content evaluation. This functionality not only caters to creators with  writing skills and experience, but also helps beginners realize their  creative dreams. Additionally, the COL can also provide  creators with functional services such as "system setting", "literary  review", "general knowledge Q&A" and "illustrators". The content  generated by the COL is more idiomatic in the Chinese  context, earning its name as an AI assistant that truly understands  Chinese creators.

As of the end of 2022, COL had possessed more than 5.5 million volumes  of digital content. In addition, the platform generates an addition of  hundreds of millions of textual content every day. Together with audio  and video materials, the high-quality database of COL has exceeded 60TB.

At the launch event, Wu Jiang, Chief Technology  Officer of the COL Group, demonstrated the application scenarios of the  COL following the novel writing steps.

The event also included a roundtable forum to  discuss topics such as the changing trends of the AI market,  opportunities for industrial innovation, and the innovative features of  digital content in the AI era.

(Source: Shijingshan District of Beijing)