2023-11-17  |  
[Photo via Beijing Daily]
Shougang Park, located in the Shijingshan District,  is a distinctive landmark on the Xishan Yongding River Cultural Belt.  It is not only a witness to Beijing's glorious industrial history but  also the venue for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding big air events  during the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. The park is dedicated to  becoming a world-hit attraction and a new landmark that showcases Beijing's industrial, Winter Olympics, and innovation cultures.

In the post-Winter Olympics era, Big Air Shougang, the world's first  permanently preserved and used big air venue, is utilized to its full  potential throughout the year. It aims to set an example for sustainable  use of Winter Olympics legacies beyond the games. The 2023/24 FIS  Snowboard and Freeski World Cup Big Air Event will take place from  November 30 to December 2, 2023, at the Big Air Shougang.

Furthermore, Big Air Shougang collaborates with professional  organizations in planning and hosting various activities during the  snow-making season, attracting more young people to participate and experience. Recognizing the appeal of extreme sports in terms of fashion  and trends, Big Air Shougang aims to create IP related to extreme  sports events, specifically targeting the youth market. In addition to  sporting events, the venue also organizes comprehensive entertainment  activities such as outdoor concerts, light shows, and first releases or  debuts. As an integral part of cultural tourism featuring Winter  Olympics, the Big Air Shougang will concurrently be developed as an exhibition room to promote the Olympic culture and the spirit of the  Beijing Winter Olympics, ensuring that the venue is integrated into  general public's lives.

In the Xiuchi Pool underwater exhibition hall, the themed exhibition  "Hundred-year Development of Shougang" attracts a significant number of  viewers. The Shougang Cultural and Creative Shop and the Love Reading  Art Bookstore at the foot of the No.3 blast furnace are crowded with  customers. Meanwhile, visitors ascending the 40-meter-high viewing  platform of the furnace have the opportunity to witness Shougang's  historic industrial production facilities. From this vantage point, they  could admire the park's picturesque scenery and experience the  awe-inspiring grandeur of the industrial architecture. The RE  International Center for Digital Creativity, situated near the north  silo 7, is a hub for young visitors seeking a unique exhibition  experience. It proudly holds the distinction of being the first  immersive interactive museum with a focus on "cultural heritage and  digital creativity" at its core.

Shougang Park has successfully established a distinct consumption  ecosystem that combines catering, hotel-based accommodations, retail,  exhibitions, and cultural experiences. According to statistics, since  its public opening in May 2020, the park has received a cumulative  visitor flow of 11 million people. Particularly after the 2022 Beijing  Olympic Winter Games, the legacy of the Winter Olympics has now become a  new driving force for the high-quality development of Shougang Park. Big Air Shougang is the inaugural facility at Shougang Park to open to  the public, attracting over 1 million visitors. The Shougang Ice Hockey  Arena has hosted several prestigious events, including the Chinese TV  Drama Flying Apsaras Awards and Starlight Awards ceremonies, as well as  the launch ceremony for a series of activities marking the first  anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Shougang Park has become a  new landmark that blends elements of culture, sports, and sci-tech innovation.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)