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By the end of August this year, Beijing had boasted 218 museums on record, with one museum for every 100,000 people in the city, forming the largest museum cluster in the country, according to the 2023 Beijing Culture Forum, which concluded Friday.

From 2020, Beijing accelerated its efforts to build a "city of museums" relying on its rich historical and cultural heritage.

In the past three years, Beijing has used the vacated cultural relics buildings, former residences of celebrities, guild halls, vacated industrial park spaces, and collective industry spaces to build various types of museums in the urban renewal drive.

According to the city's plan, by 2025, the total number of museums in Beijing is expected to exceed 260, with 1.2 museums per 100,000 people. By 2035, there will be two museums per 100,000 people, bringing the total number of museums in the city to more than 460.