During the Internet 3.0 Summit of the Global Digital Economy Conference on July 6, the construction of Beijing's Metaverse Industry Innovation Center was launched.

This March, Beijing released the work plan for promoting the innovative development of Beijing's Internet 3.0 industry from 2023 to 2025. The proposal is for Beijing to seize the opportunities of the new round of technological innovation and industrial transformation, supported by platforms, and guided by application demonstrations, to promote the coordinated innovation and development of hardware and software technologies such as the Metaverse.

The goal is to lead Beijing in becoming an internationally influential highland for Internet 3.0 technological innovation and industrial development.

Beijing's Metaverse Industry Innovation Center focuses on six major tasks: technology, applications, scenarios, data, standard patents, and governance.

It organizes related companies such as rendering engines, digital humans, digital spaces, XR devices, and AIGC to create open-source editing tools. Also, it gathers different applications such as digital museums, digital exhibition halls, digital venues, digital cities, digital scenic areas, and digital sports, providing a flexible computing digital space aggregation platform.

The innovation center aims to create benchmark application cases for physical economy scenarios. It also establishes a blockchain-based digital asset registration and rights confirmation platform, promotes interconnection and interoperability of data content, and cultivates the data consumption market.

The center also formulates industry standards and collaborates on the Metaverse patent pool. It actively explores governance mechanisms for the Metaverse.

Under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, the Beijing Metaverse Industry Innovation Center has collaborated extensively with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, with over 40 domestic enterprises and institutions already gathered in the first batch.

The Beijing Metaverse Industry Innovation Center will expedite the completion of enterprise registration, establish an industrial innovation network, and build a national-level Metaverse industry innovation platform.