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In the global village we commonly own, world heritage sites represent the finest achievement of human civilization and natural beauty. The diversity of civilizations has formed the Earth that’s full of life and colors. Civilizations are enriched by exchanges and mutual appreciation.

2023 "Colorful World" International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition promotes the protection of world cultural heritage and exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.

Invitation for young people all over the world is now issued!


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We are kicking off the solicitation of paintings that show cultural diversity and reflect the exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations. In order to boost the protection of the Central Axis of Beijing and promote its culture, a special exhibition zone themed with“the Colorful Central Axis of Beijing”will be set up.

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In tandem with that, we are also calling for teenagers to submit short videos that promote world cultural heritage protection, as a way to draw the attention of their families and the public to the cause. The best short videos will be displayed online. 

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Both online and in-person exhibitions of the paintings will be held. The award-winning representatives, heads of relevant institutions, diplomats in China, experts on aesthetic education and Chinese and foreign media professionals will be invited to the award ceremony.

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Countries, cities, schools and art institutions are highly encouraged to organize their own events to select prominent paintings and exhibit them. 

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Application Rule

Contributors:Worldwide participants aged from 4 to 18, to be divided into three age groups: participants aged 4-6; participants aged 7-12; participants aged 13-18.

Timeline :

Event Launch:June 2023

Deadline for painting submission: July 31, 2023.

Deadline for video submission: August 20, 2023.

Evaluation: August 2023

Award & Opening Ceremonies: Late October 2023



Watercolor paintings, oil paintings, crayon drawings, ink paintings, woodcuts, etc. 


To depict world cultural heritage, natural heritage and dual cultural and natural heritage of a country, displaying cultural diversity and reflecting the exchanges and mutual learning of civilizations.


A3 or quarto (within 389mm × 546mm)

Canvas painting No.F8 (Within 455mm×380mm)


1. Group submission is preferred, but individual painters are also welcome. For individual participants, please confirm with the contact person before submission. 

2. Submit the digital copy to:  If further instruction is given, please deliver the hard copy to: Bimo China, No. 61, Suzhou Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China (Postal Code:100005). When submitting the hard copy, please fill in the Painting Information Form and attach the form to the back of the painting. For group submissions, please also fill out the Group Registration Form. Copy and paste the following link into the browser for relevant documents and forms (

The submitted entries will not be returned. 

3. The digital copy is to be sent in JPG or PNG format with a resolution of 300 dpi and size of 2-3MB. The submitting group should sequence the works and names of contributors should also be marked. All information must be in line with that in the Group Registration Form.  

4. Children are also encouraged to participate in the video shooting event themed "Protect world cultural heritage". The video should be around 60 seconds in length, in landscape format, and sent to: Content of the videos can include but are not limited to: introduction to the ideas or stories behind the painting one submits, representation of a world cultural heritage in one’s home country, or issuance of a call on the public to respect cultural diversity and be aware of the importance of the inheritance, protection and innovation of civilizations. Excellent videos will be showcased online or on TV. 


1. The Organizing Committee owns the copyright on all art works contributed and exhibited, and the contributors enjoy the right of authorship over their works. The Organizing Committee has the right to retain the works and own the full copyright and the right to use (including but not limited to exhibition, publicity, publication and other non-commercial purposes). This event is a non-beneficial event, it’s free for all the participants.

2. All the art works so contributed and exhibited shall be the participants’ original works and have not been published in any other exhibition or contest. Any plagiarism detected will result in immediate disqualification from participation and exhibition.

3. Participants shall also promise their works will not infringe on the rights or interests of a third party (including copyright, right of portrait, right of fame, right of privacy and other legal rights and interests), and shall not contain any controversial content involving territorial disputes, racial discrimination, etc.

Evaluation Criteria 


Evaluation principles: fairness, impartiality and objectivity.

Scoring criteria: Scores will be given based on the form, category, imagination, observation, theme expression, aesthetic expression, and creativity, etc.

Evaluation Process

A Preliminary Jury, an Expert Jury and a Final Jury will be set up by the Organizing Committee to evaluate the works.

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Awards for Participants

Awards are separated into two categories, one for Chinese participants and the other for internaitonal participants. There will be several First, Second and Third Prize winners out of each age group (as divided above). The rest participants will be awarded a Prize for Excellence and a certificate to be issued by the Organizing Committee. The final number of awards may be adjusted according to the quantity and quality of entries collected.

Awards for Organizations

Awards for outstanding organizations will be given to cities, friendship organizations, overseas Chinese organizations, schools, and art institutions that have made active efforts to encourage and organize participation in the event.


Guided by

Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Hosted by

Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government

Beijing Women's Federation

Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau

China National Film Museum

Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges

Intercontinental Communication Center

Supported by

Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department 

Beijing Municipal Education Commission

Undertaken by

Chinese Literature and Art Foundation Campus Culture Special Fund

Beijing Women's International Centre

Beijing Minhe Foundation for International Exchanges 

Organizing Committee of Bimo China

Co-organized with 

Hebei People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Tianjin People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation

Media Partners, CRI Online

Americas Centre of China International Communications Group

Beijing Daily, BRTV

Beijing Youth Daily

Beijing Municipal Government’s website (international edition), etc.

An organizing committee has been set up for the painting exhibition, and the members of the organizing committee consist of the guiding units, the organizers, the co-organizers, the supporting units and the undertaking units.


Official website: You can check out event notices and related information. Awarding results and certificates, as well as the online exhibition will be available in due course.

WeChat, Facebook and Twitter: search for “International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition”, “Bimo China” and “WAAE” to see event information. 

The #ProtectingWorldCulturalHeritageinAction hashtag is launched on Weibo and TikTok, in the hope of driving all sectors of society to participate in the promotion of World Cultural Heritage protection.

Come and join us, boys and girls. Together with our families and the public, let's take actions to protect world cultural heritage and pass on the spirit.

Let's paint the "Colorful World" and have dialogues on world civilizations!