Beijing will no longer require people to show their negative nucleic acid testing results before entering public places such as supermarkets, shopping malls and office buildings starting Tuesday, according to the city government.  

People only need to scan their health codes before entering those public places. 

The new measures came after the city said public transportation services, including buses and subways, should not refuse passengers who are not holding negative nucleic acid testing results on December 5. 

From December 6, the tests results are not required for entering residential communities and villages, either, according to the announcement. The residents don't need to show the test results or scan the health code. 


The skyline of Beijing. [Photo via VCG] 

Checking the nucleic acid test results have been an important COVID-19 control and prevention measure carried out in the city for months. 

Meanwhile, some indoor places such as internet cafes, bars, karaoke rooms and certain institutions such as nursing homes, welfare homes, kindergartens and schools will still require the visitors to show negative nucleic acid testing results before entering. 

The announcement said all the districts should continue to provide and improve the nucleic acid tests service for the public. It has also reminded the public to wear masks and reduce gathering.