2022-08-18  |  

Beijing has begun applying for professional titles in 2022. All professional and technical talent (including talent from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and foreign talent with work permits) who have established personnel and labor relations with Beijing's state-owned enterprises and institutions, non-public economic organizations, social organizations and other institutions, can apply for professional titles.

Individual Application:

From August 11 to August 23, applicants can apply online in the "Professional and Technical Personnel Title Management System" (专业技术人员职称管理系统) of the"Title Review" (职称评审) module under the "Personal Affairs" (个人办事) section on the official website of the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (http://rsj.beijing.gov.cn/). Applicants should fill in the application information and submit it to their organization for review.

Organization Review:

From August 11 to September 6, the applicant's organization should review the application information in the "Title Review and Recommendation of Organization" (职称评审单位审核推荐) module of the "Legal Entity Affairs" (法人办事) section on the official website of the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and make a public announcement for no less than five working days.

Review by the Review Service Organization:

From August to September, after the applicant's organization has approved the review, the review service organization will perform an additional review of the application. Personnel approved by the review can pay the fee online.

Defense Review:

From September to December, applicants for senior and medium-grade professional titles are required to do an in-person defense review. The specific arrangement of the defense will be detailed in the application notice or instructions of each series (specialty) in the title application system.

(Source: the official website of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau)