"China is capable of hosting Winter Olympics and will soon prove that it can do it well." Video blogger Celia said in admiration after a day of visit on September 15.

On that day, vloggers who joined the "Winter Olympic Games Tour of Online Influencers" took the high-speed train G8811 from Beijing to Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. They visited the Winter Olympic Village, Genting Snow Park, and National Ski Jumping Center, and were amazed at these venues.

Winter Olympic Village: A Combination of Beauty and Wisdom

"It is beautiful! The landscaping is very impressive and pleasant," Cyntia, a Brazilian vlogger, said after visiting the Winter Olympic Village.


Cyntia experiences the smart bed. [Photo by Hu Xiaomeng]

What went beyond Cyntia's expectation was the fact that the Winter Olympic Village is not only beautiful, but also 'smart', especially the intelligent designs inside the apartments. To host a 'Green Olympics' and also comply with the standards of the Winter Olympics, the Village is outfitted with intelligent facilities such as smart beds and intelligent security system to provide the Olympians an eco-friendly, high-tech, pleasant, and comfortable accommodation.

"The room is equipped with a high quality soundproof door and the bed can be adjusted intelligently. The athletes will stay comfortably. Besides, the intelligent security system in the room has many functions such as automatic identification and alarm system," Cyntia said in amazement on these futuristic technologies, "They are very intelligent, very convenient, and very surprising!"

Genting Snow Park: Development Focusing Sustainability & Nature

Out of the seven snow sports venues for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Genting Snow Park is the only one that was transformed from an existing skiing ground into a venue which can undertake snowboarding and freestyle skiing competitions. Genting Snow Park has insisted on  sustainable venue designs to facilitate the Olympic events as well as to conduct the long-term operation of the Olympic venues.


Foreign influencers listen to the briefing in Genting Snow Park. [Photo by Hu Xiaomeng]

"It is very smart to make use of available resources and make appropriate adjustment to the stadiums to meet the standards of Winter Olympic venues," Celia said, "In this way, the skiing ground will not be left idle."

"Snow Ruyi": An Emblem of Chinese Cultural Heritage


Foreign influencers pose for a group photo in front of the "Snow Ruyi" [Photo by Hu Xiaomeng]

"The design is so beautiful! China always surprises us!" said Cyntia after visiting the National Ski Jumping Center, the first ski jumping stadium in China that meets international standards. It is also the venue that entails the largest construction workload and hardest construction skills among the Winter Olympic venues in Zhangjiakou. The ski jumping center is called 'Snow Ruyi' as it is shaped like 'Ruyi', a traditional Chinese ornament for auspiciousness. Forr Cyntia, the National Ski Jumping Center perfectly integrates technology, aesthetics, and traditional culture, which is truly amazing!


'Snow Ruyi' light show [Photo by Yang Bin]

"It is quite extraordinary that the venue design has combined both aesthetics and Chinese characteristics. This not only ensures inheritance of traditional Chinese culture but also promotes it," said Abdelaziz Ahmed Abdelaziz Mahmoud Sallam, an Egyptian vlogger.


Russian vlogger Denis shoots a video in Genting Snow Park. [Photo by Yang Bin]

The foreign influencers also visited the Taizicheng snow town and Zhangjiakou Mountain Press Centre. "We appreciate the efforts made by Zhangjiakou in preparation for the Winter Olympic Games, and we believe that the 2022 Winter Olympics will be a blast!" said Denis, a Russian vlogger.